Spain is only a stone’s throw away

Take the Aragnouet tunnel and arrive in the Spanish canyons and indulge in tapas in a joyful atmosphere!

The national park of Ordesa and the Mont Perdu

After taking the Aragnouet tunnel, you’ll reach 4 valleys, they are an hour and 40 minutes away from the campground. Fist, discover the Ordesa valley and walk on its trails, you’ll get to explore the surroundings and find the Cola de Caballo waterfall. From Escalona you’ll reach the Añisclo canyon which splits the mountain from south to north. In the east, the Escuain Gorges will amaze ornithologists by their diverse fauna. Finally, the Pineta valley will offer a breathtaking view of the Tres Sonores (the Monte Perdido, the Cilindro de Marboré and the Soum de Ramond), three massifs surrounded by woods.

What to do in Spain near the campground

For a cultural day, you can visit the Valle de Aran museum in Vielha. You’ll learn about the region’s history and see an art collection. In addition to this, activities like scavenger hunts are organized for children. This is also an opportunity to try local specialties like the Òlha aranesa, a soup made with meat, noodles and vegetables, perfect after a day of walking in the woods or around the Bassa d’Oles lake. If you’re going to have Spanish food you have to get tapas. You’ll be able to enjoy all of that quickly from your campground.

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