The Génos- Loudenvielle lake

The lake is a few steps away from the campground, you’ll find activities for the entire family all around it.

650ft (200m) away from the campground: one lake, a thousand activities

The shore of the Génos – Loudenvielle lake is easily accessible and a real playground for families. In the valley, overlooked by the Moulor Castle, you’ll find many ideas for fun activities.

The kids get to have a blast on the Ludik Parc inflatable slides, ride ponies and become Tarzans at the treetop adventure park.

Do you want to feel like a duck to water? Let’s go to the Ludéo water park. While the little ones splash around in the wading pool, the oldest have a blast on the racer slide and, later on, everybody can meet up under a tree for a picnic.

And if you want to stay in shape go for a paddle boat ride on the lake. In short, this lake is truly a life-size amusement park right at the outskirts of Loudenvielle.

A pump track by the lake

This free circuit is open to all. Riders can use the bumps and holes to generate momentum without pedaling.

Come try it with your bike, scooter, skateboard, rollerblades, etc. The Pump Track is made for all kinds of rides.

This fun circuit is designed for adults and children and even beginners. Come enjoy it

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