Activities of the campground depending on the program

Depending on the time of year, the campground offers activities for the entire family.

Yoga and zen activities...outdoors!

Discovering and practicing yoga is fabulous in and of itself. But practicing it with Charlotte by the fireplace or outdoors, it’s entirely unprecedented. This experience is made possible thanks to the wellness campground in Loudenvielle.

Low-impact activities to share with others:

Everybody can freely join together in a joyful atmosphere… Those regenerative activities are tailored to all ages, all levels, whether you are a beginner or already advanced!

Discover, find yourself: 

Treat yourself to these relaxing breaks… during them we learn to better listen to our bodies, to strengthen the balance between body and mind, link movements and breathing, to get in touch with our inner self but not alone!

Activities for children

During school holidays, children get their own supervised activities: educative games, making an herbarium, observe nature… but also get to enjoy zen moments with fun introductory classes.

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